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Since our beginnings in 2009, Speedriven has built some of the world’s fastest cars and established itself as the premier Mercedes-Benz V12 specialist with several of its customers’ cars setting top speed and quarter mile records with the help of Speedriven’s advanced, bolt-on performance upgrades. When more and more of our customers wanted to push beyond the limits of their cars, however, SD Engines was born.

Speedriven’s commitment to the quality and durability of our Mercedes-Benz/AMG, Porsche, and Audi tuning programs continued into SD Engines, and demanded the development of new, high-strength components. Designed with the help of leading industry experts, SD’s high-strength connecting rods, forged billet pistons, Pearlitic cylinder sleeves, and extreme-strength head bolts and rod bolts are more than capable of supporting up to 2000 HP.

With full CNC and machining capabilities in place and decades of experience working with exotic and bespoke engines, SD is the only company ready to blueprint, rebuild, or simply repair your vehicle’s high-end engine. Use the menu, below, to check out SD Engines’ products and services, and use this link to email us with questions about your build.