World’s Quickest Lamborghini Huracán, by Speedriven


When the white Lamborghini Huracán covered the PBIR quarter mile in just 10.5 seconds it did more than just set a fast 1/4 mile time- it set the fastest 1/4 mile time of any Lamborghini Huracán. The most impressive thing about the Speedriven-tuned Huracán’s run, however, might not be the fact that it beat the twin-turbo McLaren in the other lane or even the time, itself, but how much quicker that 10.5 is to the times runs by some twin-turbo Lamborghini Gallardos.

“You look at some of the twin turbo cars that are out there, and they’re running 10.4s,” says Marko D., the white Huracán’s owner/driver. “That’s where the Huracán shines. It’s a next-generation car, and if it’s tuned right it can put its driver in the mid 10s without the turbos.”

Chicago-based Speedriven is celebrating the phenomenal record run by launching a Lamborghini Huracán tuning line with a $7000 (USD) ECU software solution similar to the tune found in Marko D.’s record-setting car. With that, Speedriven Huracán owners will have a chance to embarrass a few twin-turbo Gallardos the next time they show up at their local drag strip!

Speedriven Lamborghini Huracán v. Twin-turbo McLaren MP4-12C