World’s Fastest Standing Mile Mercedes-Benz


At the time it was built, the twin-turbocharged, V12-powered Mercedes-Benz SL600 shown, above, was one of the most powerful Mercedes in the world. Packing some of Speedriven’s first billet-wheel turbos under the hood (a PKG2, in today’s vocabulary) and running an aggressive race gas tune, the car made nearly 800 WHP and almost 1000 lb-ft of torque. Those are still big numbers, even today … back in 2010, however, they were almost unheard of.

After a few runs getting up to speed- 185 MPH, then 191 MPH- the Speedriven-built “Soul Searcher” SL600 was ready. Rolling off the line with little drama, the big V12 Benz began to gather speed like an avalanche thundering down a mountain. When it was all said and done, the Soul Searcher SL blasted across the line with a jet-engine roar at more than 197 MPH (318 km/h). More than enough, in other words, to rightfully be called the World’s Fastest Standing Mile Mercedes-Benz.

That speed record was set five years ago, though- and five years is a lifetime in motor sports. Today, 1000 HP cars are commonplace at major events, and that fact makes the next bit of trivia even more impressive in 2015: Soul Searcher is still the World’s Fastest Standing Mile Mercedes-Benz.

Recently, the silver V12 re-appeared at Speedriven’s HQ in Palatine, IL (just outside of Chicago), and received a little extra attention to get even more performance out of the already potent SL. Thanks to a few new parts and a few hours spent on the dyno getting a fresh tune, the record-setting car is running better than ever. You can watch some footage of the Speedriven-built SL600 from 2010 in the video, below, and get more information about Speedriven tuning programs for the 600 series Biturbo V12 Mercedes-Benzes by clicking here. Enjoy!