Speedriven duPont REGISTRY Audi R8 at Barrett-Jackson (w/ Video)


We recently had a chance to fly out to Las Vegas and unveil our latest collaborative effort- the duPont REGISTRY Limited Edition Performance Package for Audi’s incredible R8 V10 supercar. Featuring a fully-built, 5.2 liter engine and a comprehensive, twin-turbo tuning solution, these cars offer incredible levels of performance and instant collector car status.

You can check out the prototype’s reveal in the duPont REGISTRY video, below, which features Thomas duPont, Craig Jackson (of Barrett-Jackson), and me- Jo Borrás- going over some of the basics. I also included the semi official version of “what I meant to say” below the video, so you can get a sense of how much I really forgot to say once the pressure was on. Enjoy!

Thom duPont and Craig Jackson w/ Speedriven Audi R8

My professional relationship with duPont REGISTRY goes back nineteen years. Even before that, though, I would walk down to the convenience store every month and buy that latest issue- and I’d read through it on the bus on the way to junior high, circling the cars that I wanted to buy. Those cars that I circled became symbolic of success to me and, probably, to many of you. Now, with this first-ever duPont REGISTRY Limited Edition vehicle, there is finally a physical manifestation of all those circled cars. What better way to celebrate that success that we visualized all those years ago, than by parking that symbol of the duPont REGISTRY in your garage?

What a symbol! The Audi R8 is already an incredible machine. It’s a thinking man’s supercar, and we’ve taken it to another level. We’ve taken the Lamborghini-based V10 engine and reinforced the block, beefing up the internals with forged connecting rods and beefier, lower-compression pistons. That increased strength enables the Speedriven turbo package to come into its own, generating up to 2000 HP. We’ve dialed it back to 1500 HP for reliability and durability, but that’s more than enough to deliver 2 second 0-60 times, 9 second 1/4 mile times, and a top speed of nearly 250 MPH.

Those numbers are impressive, but this is 2016. There are a number of cars that can generate impressive 0-60 times, but the dirty little secret there is that, unless you’re a Mario Andretti or a Michael Schumacher, you’ll never see those. This car is different. We’ve programmed in a number of launch control strategies to make sure that the average enthusiast driver can get in the car, drive to the local track, and run 2 seconds to 60, 9 second quarter mile times all day long. And, as your skills develop, you can dial back the electronics and go even faster.

This car here is a prototype. It’s been used and abused. Mostly, it’s been proven over the last eighteen months to be capable of everything we talked about here. Each one of the final versions of these twenty-five Limited Edition cars is a perfect example of why we all became enthusiasts, and of what the duPont REGISTRY has done for each of us, in helping to visualize and realize our success. Speedriven is thrilled to be a part of this program, and we’re honored that Thom duPont chose us to build this car. Thank you.