Speedriven Billet Blowoff Valve (BOV)

Mercedes’ turbocharged engines produce smooth, understated power from the factory and have been tuned to simply staggering degrees of performance by companies like AMG, Brabus, and (of course) Speedriven. The most extreme of these tuned turbo Benzes have a very distinctive sound thanks to the use of aftermarket blowoff valves- now, however, you can upgrade the look and sound of your biturbo Mercedes-Benz with these billet aluminum blowoff valves from Speedriven.

Speedriven’s billet aluminum blowoff valves are machined from aircraft-grade material and are direct, bolt-on replacements for the factory BOVs (which are made of plastic). Once installed they offer superior durability compared to the factory units, while also serving to give your twin-turbo Mercedes’ engine bay a more aggressive look and sound.

Speedriven’s billet blowoff valves are available now for Mercedes-Benz 600 biturbo V12 and 65 series AMG models, and come in a spectrum of anodized finishes, or simple raw aluminum.



Use the “Buy Now” button, below, to order your Speedriven billet aluminum blowoff valves for turbocharged V12 models. Call Speedriven at 847.485.8126 or email with specific questions about fitment or compatibility. Specify anodized color preference and/or raw aluminum in the “Notes to Seller”.