Hot New W211 E55 AMG Performance Products from Speedriven


Earlier this week, Chicago-based tuning firm Speedriven added performance and tuning products for the classic W211 chassis Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG to its Product Guide. And, yes, Speedriven really hadn’t offered performance products for the E55.

Not for a while, anyway.

“By the time Speedriven was founded in 2009, the 55s were already out of production,” explains Speedriven’s Jo Borras. “You have to realize, too, that the 55s made 469 HP from the factory. They were always fast, and even a simple ECU tune and pulley could performance into true supercar territory. Because of that, almost every E55 AMG owner bought the basic, bolt-ons and was satisfied with the 500-or-so WHP they got. Beyond that, they were all getting tuned, and it seemed like there were a half dozen shops offering the same thing. We figured they had a head start, and we weren’t going to beat them to the next big advancement on the platform, so we eventually just dropped the platform from our Product Guide.”

That was in 2009. More than six years later, however, most E55 AMG owners are still buying the same bolt-ons and getting about the same results (505-535 WHP), regardless of who built their cars. It seemed like the platform had hit a dead end. That’s when Speedriven decided to take a second look at the M113K.

Speedriven E55 AMG M113K Built Engine


“The single biggest obstacle to making big power with the M113K is the factory pistons,” explains Jo. “They start to break down at around 575-585 WHP. If you want more than that, you need to upgrade the pistons to something like the pistons from the SLR McLaren. Those require a perfect Alusil cylinder lining, though, and that’s where things start to get expensive.”

The goal was to keep costs under control but still maximize performance potential. To that end, Speedriven’s basic M113 engine build starts with a full blueprinting. Then, pearlitic cylinder sleeves are installed to reinforce the block and remove the need for specialized coatings on the pistons. The factory pistons are replaced with more robust, forged pistons that offer many of the power and performance benefits of the SLR pistons, thanks to a similar skirt design.

The crankshaft is then polished, the rotating assembly balanced, and the heads are resurfaced and polished before the engine is re-assembled. The resulting reinforced M113 is now capable of handling much more extreme levels of performance.

Speedriven E55 AMG M113K Supercharger Upgrade


“Building up the M113K block and internals dramatically increases the performance potential of the engine,” continues Jo. “That leaves E55 AMG owners with a new dilemma. Before, the supercharger could outperform the engine. Now, the supercharger can’t keep up. You can stack pulleys (using a smaller compressor pulley and a larger diameter crankshaft pulley), but that’s a lot of parasitic loss and a lot of heat, too. It’s not efficient. You need a bigger blower.”

Speedriven’s upgraded supercharger package uses a larger Whipple blower and drive unit, with intake runners and snout CNC-machined from aircraft-grade billet aluminum. Keeping things cool is a larger, more-efficient, single-pass intercooler that nestles in between the M113’s cylinder banks.

With more displacement and more efficient heat-management (as well as larger fuel injectors, included in the PKG), the built M113 equipped with Speedriven’s supercharger upgrade PKG is ready to deliver some serious horsepower and torque figures.

Speedriven Built Transmission


Getting all that newfound power to the ground effectively is Speedriven’s proven “built” 722.6 (NAG1) transmission. With additional upgraded clutches, reinforced steels, new seals and gaskets, and a modified valve body, this transmission is more than capable of handling anything a built, Whipple-blown E55 AMG throws at it.

In addition to handling more horsepower and torque without slipping, Speedriven’s built transmission delivers quicker, firmer shifts for superior E/T and MPH performance- especially when fitted with one of Speedriven’s billet aluminum transmission pans for superior fluid capacity, cooling, and durability.

Speedriven Standalone ECU


“The problem, basically, is that you’ve built yourself a supercar at this point, but now you’re stuck with a factory engine computer that’s fifteen years old,” explains Jo. “Maybe older, given the development cycles of ECUs. So, you have a stronger engine, a bigger blower, and a drivetrain that’s ready for anything. But the ECU has limits. It’s going to limit how much boost you can run. It’s going to limit the kind of launch you’re going to get. More than just limit things, the factory ECU simply can’t do a lot of things. Those limitations meant that some of our project cars- like the duPont REGISTRY Limited Edition Audi R8 and the upcoming “Ultimate” Mercedes SL- just couldn’t happen unless there was a workaround. The standalone is much, much more than that.”

The standalone solution Speedriven has been developing for their Mercedes-Benz and AMG customers completely replaces the factory computer, taking over the many demands of the cars’ engine and transmission while giving the tuner full control over all of the car’s systems. In addition to delivering the complete control necessary to push the envelope of Mercedes-Benz performance tuning, the standalone allows tuners to develop features for these cars that they’ve never had. These range from exciting tuning features like launch and drift control strategies to more mundane features like flex-fuel sensing and pit lane speed limiters.

Going “all-in” on an E55 AMG with everything described above will net owners a level of performance on par with modern hypercars. That’s in addition to a zero-mile drivetrain thanks to the rebuilt engine and transmission. New brakes, belts, and a fresh suspension, and an 800+ HP super-sedan could be yours for less than the price of a V8 muscle car.

Speedriven’s comprehensive suite of performance upgrades for W211-chassis E55 AMG Mercedes-Benz is available now- with many of these packages and products also available for CLS55 AMG, SL55 AMG, and G55 AMG models, as well. Call us at 847.485.8126 or email for more information.