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After nearly four years at 655 S Vermont ST in Palatine, IL, Speedriven is making a big move into a new space that’s nearly twice as large- adding on new lifts, a dedicated fab room, and engine and transmission assembly room, and a small, new-car showroom climate-controlled storage space up front that can fit 4-5 fully-built cars.

That new space, by the way, is conveniently located at 647 S Vermont ST in Palatine, IL.

Sharper readers will notice that the new address is just a few doors down from the old address. That was something that was entirely intentional, allowing Speedriven to retain its current regional customer base while allowing it to expand its out-of-state business. “The new lifts are going to be dedicated to out-of-state performance builds,” says Jo Borras, Speedriven’s sales and office manager. “They’ll have their own area, with their own shop schedules. That should let us give customers more accurate delivery dates and prevent delays caused by some ‘in and out’ service project that encountered unexpected delays.”

It’ll still be a while before the all-new shop is running on all eight twelve turbocharged cylinders. In the meantime, though, join Speedriven in saying goodbye to 655. Not a bad little shop, all things considered- and one that was the birthplace of some seriously quick machines.