C32, SLK32, and SRT-6 Intercoolers

MG’s 3.2 liter supercharged V6 engine may not steal the spotlight from its fire-breathing V12 brothers, but when it was fitted to the C32 sedan, SLK32 roadster, and Chrysler Crossfire SRT-6 it turned those capable vehicles into serious performance machines. Those cars are starting to get on in years, however, and many of them are starting to need replacement parts- only some of those parts are getting pretty hard to come by- even for Mercedes dealers.

One of those “hard to find” parts has been the 3.2 liter’s intercooler, which has shown “0” availability more than once in the last year and which retails for over $1000 USD when/if it is available. Luckily, Speedriven offers a superior aftermarket intercooler for the 32 series AMG Kompressor engine that is always in stock and ready to ship! Or, you know, that we can usually make in a day or two.

Speedriven’s lightweight aluminum intercooler is available now for C32 AMG, SLK32 AMG, and Chrysler Crossfire SRT-6 model vehicles, and is available as a standalone replacement part that is fully compatible with the factory systems or as part of Speedriven’s comprehensive 32 series AMG Kompressor high-performance tuning PKG.



Use the “Buy Now” button, below, to order your Speedriven intercooler for C32, SLK32, or SRT-6 model AMG/Chrysler vehicles. Call Speedriven at 847.485.8126 or email with specific questions about fitment or compatibility.