Audi R8 Goes Rallying


The Audi R8 has been a tremendous success for the German carmaker. The exotic-looking halo model has helped dealers post better-than-expected sales figures year after year since the R8’s introduction, and the car has won accolades from the press and from professional drivers. Professional drivers who have driven the car to victory at the Nurburgring and Bathhurst.

You expect a car like the R8 to do well on a racetrack. One place you wouldn’t normally expect to see a low-slung, mid-engined Audi R8, however, is tearing it up on dirt and gravel roads at events like the Targa Tasmania rally … and yet, here we are.

You can watch some wild in-car footage of this Audi R8 taking a lot of risks as it speeds through the narrow lanes that make up the rally in the video, below, which also includes a terrific soundtrack courtesy of the R8’s phenomenal multicam engine. Enjoy!