875 HP Speedriven / ALSA EV12


Mercedes’ W211 E Class is the perfect size for many enthusiasts. Big enough to be a luxurious highway tourer, but small and light enough to make it a capable track day star. Still, the 5.5 liter AMG V8 in the top-performing E55 AMG version of the W211- powerful as it is- still isn’t enough for some people. Not nearly enough. That was the case for one client in Dubai a few years ago, and Speedriven teamed up with ALSA Automotive Engineering to deliver an 800+ HP, V12-powered super sedan. This is the story of that build, as it ran in outlets like GT Spirit and TopSpeed back in 2011.

Speedriven ALSA EV12 On the Dyno


Despite being a luxury brand, Mercedes does its best to be a “full-line” car company, offering a little something for everyone. To some buyers, the C class is too small. The S class is too big. For them, the E class – right in between – is perfect. What happens, however, when the car is the right fit, but the performance … well, isn’t?

“right car, wrong power” feel is where tuners come in. Tuners exist in droves these days, offering ECU upgrades that can take a car from feeling “too cold” horsepower-wise to feeling “just right” by pushing a few 1s and 0s around. That “just right” performance vibe can be a little more elusive, however, and a tuner may have to free up a car’s exhaust or change the diameter on a few pulleys now and again. Other times, though, “just right” isn’t enough, and only “too hot” will do.

“stuffed-full of V12” Mercedes E-class sedan shown here is what happens when “just right” and “too hot” meet. The (literal) heavy-lifting was done by Tim Stoll at ALSA Automotive Engineering in Dubai, while the performance upgrades and software tuning were handled by the V12 Mercedes tuning specialists at Speedriven in Chicago, IL. The EV12 benefits from Speedriven’s usually-reserved-for-S-class-customers collection of aftermarket hardware, which includes top-mounted water-to-air intercoolers, “scorpion” air intakes, larger fuel injectors, and (of course!) Speedriven’s billet-wheel turbochargers. The upgraded machinery is guided by Speedriven ECU and TCU software and generates over 700 rear-wheel horsepower on ALSA’s dyno, which should be plenty of “hot” for the “just right” sized E class. A Brabus appearance package and blacked-out grille complete the look of the car.

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