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Speedriven is a Chicago-based, high-performance tuning firm responsible for building some of the world's fastest cars - from the world's fastest and most powerful Mercedes-Benz AMG to the world's quickest Audi R8 and Lamborghini Huracán!

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World's Quickest Lamborghini Huracán

Speedriven's expert software tuning turns a standard Lamborghini Huracán into 10.5 second hyper car!

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World's Fastest V12 Mercedes-Benz

Speedriven's twin-turbocharged super cars became the world's fastest Mercedes when they ran 198 MPH at the Texas Mile.

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Most Powerful Mercedes/AMG Supercars

With nearly 1100 horsepower on tap, Speedriven's biturbo V12 is the most powerful engine ever put into a Mercedes.

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10 sec. Mercedes AMG V8 Biturbo

Speedriven's advanced ECU tuning and high-flow exhaust are all it takes to get the latest Biturbo AMGs into the 10s.

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