We believe that building big power is the easy part; building big power that is reliable, dependable, and (most of all) usable is the real challenge. Speedriven takes this challenge very seriously, and every Speedriven car – while hugely powerful – is still every inch a real car. A Speedriven-tuned automobile is not just a car, however, it is a custom-crafted machine that is built to an exacting standard in order to delivers real luxury, real performance, and real character. It is a car that can be enjoyed for years, rather than hours. We continue to push our products harder and faster every year and we have been able to turn out an astonishing 1200HP from the V12 Mercedes Motor! The most astounding part of the kit however is not only the immense power it produces, but the overall driving experience. Any gearhead will tell you that a car over 1000hp becomes a weekend queen, but with the Speedriven ANARCHY Kit the car is just as smooth and easy to drive as from the factory. We have worked very hard to push the power limit without altering the smoothness and comfort of the car. The kit can be applied to any 2003+ V12 Mercedes Motor (600 and 65 AMG) and transforms the car into an absolute beast, while still retaining daily driveablity (many of our ANARCHY customers choose to drive their cars as daily commuters!)


If you’ve been looking for a carbuilder that feels the way you do about cars, for one with decades of accumulated industry experience, for one that is driven by passion, driven by perfection, and driven by speed … you’ve come to the right place..

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12 Feb

Speedriven 722.6 billet pans.

New redesigned, larger capacity, and extra cooling fins are sure to help these transmissions from heating issue's.

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  • The boys at SpeedDriven have pulled off quite a coup on Germany's Brabus, which does Merc V12 swaps like suburban fathers mow lawns. This W211 E-Class's engine bay has gotten quite full after a recent 700-hp, EV12 swap. The result is 700 horsepower and plenty of dirty looks from people who spent $300,000 on a Brabus Benz.
    Mike Spinelli, Jalponik
  • SpeedDriven successfully completes Mercedes M275 V12 twin turbo swap into W211 E-Class sedan - EV12. First of all, congratulations to SpeedDriven as well as the owner of this W211 E-class BenzBoost user V12GodSpeed. This has been a long and grueling project but that day that makes it all worth it is here with the twin turbo V12 powered beast finally running. This is essentially an EV12 swap which was made famous by the tuner Brabus although they charge over $300,000 for some of these M275 V12 conversions. To see a US shop without the resources of Brabus pull this off is a major achievement.
    Benz BoostMercedes Performance Forum
  • Well, nice to finally see some numbers for the SpeeDriven M275 V12 turbocharger upgrade. The motor is an M275 6.0 liter V12 used in the R230 SL65 AMG and the turbochargers are twin GT30 units. This is not an aggressive tune yet as the turbos were tested at 21 psi on a mix of pump and race gas. Horsepower in STD correction on a Dynojet registered at 798 and the torque figure is an earth moving 909.89 pound-feet at the wheels. SpeeDriven expects to raise the boost to the 25-26 psi range and BenzBoost looks forward to seeing the numbers with the boost cranked up and race gas. A graph with RPM versus miles per hour would be much more useful but it's easy to see that the torque is dropping off pretty hard from the 900 pound-foot peak early in the powerband. This is definitely a stump puller of a motor. Congrats to SpeedDriven on the upgrade and for the data. It will be nice to see where this platform ends up now that a bigger turbo option is a reality.
    Porsche Boost Performance Forum
  • Don't be thrown by those telltale letters; this EV hasn't a single battery, electric motor or spread in Utne Reader. The EV12 is a tuned, V12-powered Mercedes-Benz E-Class with two turbos and 700 hp at the wheels. The collaboration matches the hardware and geek bits of Chicago's Speedriven with the shoehorning expertise of ALSA Automotive Engineering of Dubai. ALSA swapped in the 12-can, fitted with gear Speedriven devised for the V12 S-Class, including billet-wheel turbochargers, top-mounted water-to-air intercoolers, "scorpion" air intakes and larger fuel injectors — all overseen by Speedriven ECU and TCU software.
    Mike Spinelli, Jalopnik